Adorable Pandora Ad Celebrates Mothers

The unique bond between mother and child.

The unique bond between mother and child.

The Pandora ad titled “The Unique Connection”  is nothing short of heartwarming.  It celebrates mothers and shows the unique bond between mother and child.  6 mothers were led into a room where their kids had been blindfolded. One by one the kids had to use their other senses to find their mother out of the group of women.  The results will bring you to tears…

Every woman is unique and should be celebrated.  Such a powerful and moving message.

You can watch the ad here.


A Mother’s Never-ending To-Do list

As a work-at-home mom with a part-time nanny for Poopy Bear, my hours are flexible and I usually tailor them so that I can spend as much time with her.  Needless to say, it is a constant balancing act.  Today, I wanted to go to the gym but that meant that I had to push a few things around, leaving me feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.

It just seems that no matter how hard I try, there are just some things that will never get off my to-do list!

There isn’t an APP for everything!

1. Taking Furry Bear for more walks.  Before Poopy Bear was born, Furry Bear was my walking, running and hiking buddy.  We took 3 walks a day, rain or snow!  Now, he’s had to make do with running around in our yard and tagging along when we go jogging or hiking.

2. Decorating. We bought our house a year ago…when I was seven and half months pregnant (more on this another day, seriously!) So between unpacking, cleaning, giving birth and adjusting to parenthood for the last 9 months, we haven’t had much time for making things fancy.  We’ve tried and we’ve done a few things, and I do believe our house looks good, but being the artistic person I am, I would have liked to do more.  So what that the blinds don’t match the rug…!?

3. Unpacking. So, I know that I said that we unpacked…but we never got around to all of it because, well…LIFE!  My attic doubles as my home office and storage for things we haven’t unpacked (and probably wont).

4. Getting a haircut. I’m all for the principle of taking care of yourself before you can take care of others. So, I make sure to exercise, eat well and get some rest, but I just can’t seem to fit all the other cosmetic things in the picture anymore.  My hair has been last on the list for a while…thank God for hair scarves and wraps.

5. Reading more.  I used to read a book a week, a long time ago. Now I’m lucky to get through a couple a year.  I recently signed up for audiobooks, thinking that would make the task easier…sigh.

What tasks have been sitting on your to-do list since you became a parent?



10 Ways to enjoy Spring as a Family.

SPRING!  Welcome my favorite season…It’s about time!

While I love all seasons (read my bio and see why!), there is something about spring that just makes me feel more alive.  Probably because everything else comes alive too;  the trees get their new leaves, the flowers bloom, the colors are endless.  And after a long, brutal winter here in New York, I’m ready for spring blooms and open-toed shoes!

To usher in the season, my hubby, Blond Bear, and I took our 9 month old, Poopy Bear and  our dog, Furry Bear, for a walk along the Jersey Shore on Saturday and a hike along Hudson Valley on Sunday.  It was great to get of the city for a bit and enjoy nature and tranquility with the family.

Hudson Valley hike

Hudson Valley hike

Sandy Hook, Jersey Shore

Sandy Hook, Jersey Shore

Below are some ways to enjoy Spring as a family.

1. Go Bird Watching


Oh how sweet it is to hear the birds sing after they return from their winter hiatus.

2. Go hiking

Getty - Digital Vision/LWA

Getty – Digital Vision/LWA

Before we had Poopy Bear, Blond Bear and I were adventurous hikers and did moderate to difficult trails.  Now we have had to tailor or hikes for her and stick to flat trails, which are still enjoyable for all.

3. Go Glamping/Camping

via goglamping.com

via goglamping.com

Glamping, Glamorous Camping, is exactly what the name suggests and is perfect for anyone who wants to skip the unpleasantries of camping…ME!  It’s good for families with small kids, like ours. And this way we get to bring Furry Bear as well.

“It’s a way to experience the splendor of the outdoors without forgoing the creature comforts you can’t live without. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream or treehouse, it’s luxury camping on a grand scale”- Glamping.com

4. Go to the Beach

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Great idea for a day trip in the spring.  Not too hot or crowded as those summer days. If your’e lucky the water might just be warm enough for a dip of the toes!

5. Picnicking

Springtime Perfect!

Springtime Perfect!

Eating in the great outdoors.  Be sure to bring toys to keep the LO occupied while the adults eat.

6. Fly a Kite


Always a hit among the kids. Can’t wait to teach Poopy Bear how to fly a kite.

7. Start a Garden

Spring Flowers in all their glory

Spring Flowers in all their glory

Did I mention how much I love spring blooms?!  There are so many life lessons to be learned from gardening and it’s such a fun way to get everyone involved in home projects.

8. See the Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms in Branch Brook Park, New Jersey

Cherry Blossoms in Branch Brook Park, New Jersey

This weekend we plan to attend the Cherry Blossom festival at the Branch Brook Park in New Jersey, which has more cherry blossom trees than Washington, DC!  Did not know that.

9. Go jogging


One of our favorite family activities made possible by the jogging stroller…a must-have for us.

10. Visit a Farm

cartoon rural scene with farm animals

It was great to see Poopy Bear’s face light up when she saw a horse in person. Soon she will make the connection with the one she reads about in her favorite book!

What family activities do you enjoy in the Springtime?